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Integrated Services for GHG Verification and Enviromental Monitoring. From Shipping to Emissions Trading Systems and Carbon Footprint analysis, we’re committed to delivering success and customer satisfaction.


We're proud to be the first worldwide accredited Shipping MRV Verifier under ISO 14065 and Regulation 2015/757

Industrial Sector

Diligent verification services covering Pre-Verification, Annual Emissions Report Verification, and Verification of Activity Level, tailored to meet industrial emissions regulations.


Reliable Annual Emission Report verification for aircraft operators, ensuring consistent alignment with vital EU ETS and CORSIA regulations.

Carbon Footprint

Comprehensive Carbon Footprint verification service, aligning with notable standards, aimed at bolstering your environmental accountability and aiding your transition to climate neutrality.

Fluorinated Gases

Accredited verification of F-Gas annual reports aligning with ISO 17029:2019 and EU Regulation 517/2014, fostering compliance and aiding your stride towards a sustainable, low-emission future.

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About Emicert

We are a global leader in greenhouse gas verification, with over 18 years of expertise and a dedicated team of over 25 lead verifiers. Our services are tailored to your needs, ensuring effective, efficient, and flexible solutions.

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Based in Greece with international experience (11 countries, market leader in 4 of them)

More than 15 years’ greenhouse Gas verification audit experience in complex industrial activities

More than 5 years ISO 14065 accreditation for industry and aviation

1st worldwide Accredited Shipping MRV Verifier according to ISO 14065 and Reg 2015/757

Specialization in the verification of GHG emissions

Tailor made services that adapt to the operational procedures and size of any organization

Effective, efficient and flexible service provision.

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