ETS | Industrial Sector

Reliable Verification Services for Industrial Emissions

Our verification services for the industry cover three critical areas:


A thorough examination of your company's emissions monitoring plan to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Annual Emissions Report Verification:

Ensuring alignment with relevant legislation including Regulation (EU) 2067/2018, Regulation (EU) 2066/2018, and relevant national legislation.

Verification of Activity Level:

As per the provisions of the Executive Regulation (EU) 2019/1842.

We work diligently to minimize errors and omissions in the reports. In case of discrepancies, we promptly inform you, request corrective actions, and conduct re-verification if needed.

Our Verification Approach

Our step-by-step approach to verification includes:

Initial Disclosure:

The company provides the Verification Body with key elements required for the verification process. This includes the final Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit, the Quality Assurance and Control System for monitoring and reporting emissions, all documents pertaining to its operations including the legal obligations, inventories of raw materials and products, and necessary certificates.

Pre-Verification Stage:

At this stage, the Verification Body visits the company's facilities to perform a detailed examination of the company's emissions monitoring plan and relevant elements. The purpose of pre-verification is to assess the completeness, coherence, transparency, accuracy, and reliability of these elements and data. Any potential issues in emissions determination are identified, and the company is notified so they can take corrective action before the verification stage.

Verification Stage:

The Verification Body once again visits the company's premises for the verification process. This stage involves the final examination of the facility's Report to verify its completeness, coherence, transparency, accuracy, materiality, and reliability. If any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies are identified that could lead to material differences, the verification stage may need to be repeated.

Verification Statement Issuance:

Following a successful verification process, the Verification Body will issue a Verification Statement for each of the company's facilities. This statement must accompany the Report when it's submitted to the Competent Authority.

This process is designed to provide a thorough and independent review of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions, helping to ensure that they’re in compliance with all relevant regulations and are accurately reporting their emissions data. It’s a crucial part of the ETS, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an economically efficient way. It’s important to note that the verification process must be conducted according to regulations such as Regulation (EU) 2067/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2066/2018, as well as any relevant national legislation.]