Cooperation with Cyprus Bureau of Shipping (CBS)

EMICERT Ltd announces the official launching of a Cooperation with Cyprus Bureau of Shipping (CBS).

As part of the Cooperation concluded, duly qualified CBS Surveyors will be assigned as EMICERT Shipping MRV Auditors, for the performance of Monitoring Plan Assessment and Shipping Emissions Verification activities, in line with the Regulation (EU) 2015/757 requirements and the EMICERT procedures.

Cyprus Bureau of Shipping was established in 1987, as an Independent Non-Governmental Organization. Avoiding any drawbacks and compromisation of the Safety, Quality and working levels of the Cyprus Marine Industry, was set as the basic operational principal of CBS, which was established in order to effectively support the rapid overall development of the Cyprus Marine Industry, deal with the deficiencies in technical level and confront all needs that aroused from that rapid development. Through its reliable and quality services, CBS has gained a reputable position in the market.

Over the years, CBS services have been recognized and utilized by the Cyprus Government as well as by more than 600 shipping and other companies.