Cooperation with Cyprus based EF-MA NOVELSEAS

EMICERT Ltd announces the official launching of a Cooperation with Cyprus based EF-MA novelseas Ltd. The Cooperation concluded, includes: -Assignment of duly qualified novelseas personnel as EMICERT Shipping MRV Auditors, for the performance of Monitoring Plan Assessment and Shipping Emissions Verification activities, in line with the Regulation (EU) 2015/757 requirements and the EMICERT procedures. -Cooperation on Training, Research & Development activities, related to Fuel Consumption Data Collection and Shipping Emissions Monitoring, Reporting & Verification EF-MA novelseas Ltd personnel consists of young Maritime Professionals (Naval Architects, Mechanical and Environmental Engineers) and ICT Experts, specialized in Fuel Consumption Data Collection from Ships and in Shipping CO2 Emissions Monitoring Reporting & Verification and their subsequent analysis in order to determine actions and measures the implementation of which will enhance Ships’ Energy Efficiency. *EF-MA novelseas Ltd will be able to undertake independent verification services, in strict compliance with Article 14 of the EU MRV Regulation (on General obligations and principles for the verifiers) and only in cases where it is independent from the company or from the operator of a ship and in cases where it has not provided any EU MRV regulation related consultancy services. For that purpose, neither EF-MA novelseas Ltd nor any part of the same legal entity shall have any relations with any of the companies for which it will be providing Shipping Emissions MRV Services that could affect its independence and impartiality. Furthermore, novelseas shall carry out the activities required under the EU MRV Regulation in the public interest.